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Rockwell Landscape Maintenance provides weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleanups. The following is a list of services that we provide. Click on any service below to learn more about it.

We mow at the proper height for your specific type of grass. Blades are sharpened and/or replaced on a regular maintenance to keep the cut nice and clean without damaging the grass.

We use line trimmers to cut the grass that mowers are unable to reach. Line trimming gives your lawn that finished touch.

There are many different ways and views on how and when to prune plants here in the desert. At Rockwell Landscape Maintenance, our first priority is pruning for bloom production. Depending on the species of plant, we prefer less frequent pruning. Generally pruning way back and allowing the plant to grow and “do it’s thing”. This allows the plant to go through it’s blooming cycle and have a more natural look.

Second is structure pruning. Sometimes clients prefer a super tight and clean look. This requires more frequent pruning to keep it’s shape and size. And third is space management. Space management pruning keeps things balanced. Keeping plants from growing into walkways, into each other, or having too much growth on one side of the landscape compared to the other. We take into account, the initial landscape design and keep your landscape aesthetically pleasing by pruning accordingly.

Walkways, driveways, shrub beds, and all rock areas will be policed for weeds during every visit. All weeds will be sprayed with a weed killer that is harmless to pets. Spraying weeds is more effective than hand pulling as it is sure to kill the weed all the way down to the roots. However, any weeds growing within the confines of a shrub will be hand pulled to prevent any damage to the foliage of the shrub. Your landscape will remain 95% weed free on a regular basis as there will always be weeds present in a fertile environment.

We will keep mature tree canopies from dropping below 7 feet in height. This allows head clearance so it’s safe to walk under. Citrus trees and smaller trees will be kept free of suckers(the little sprouts that shoot off the trunk). However, if your trees require major pruning we can refer you to a professional arborist to keep them looking healthy.

We will blow rock areas, driveways, walkways, entry ways, and shrub beds to keep the landscape clean of any accumulated debris and trash.

Periodically, we will drag a soft tine rake across all rock areas. This removes any footprints and/or irregularities in the rock to keep it looking fresh.

All clippings of trees, shrubs, and grass will be removed from the property and properly disposed of.

We will adjust timers according to the season for proper watering.

Invoices are emailed at the end of each month, AFTER the work has been completed. For monthly accounts and one time cleanups, invoices are emailed after each visit. Payments are due by the 15th of the following month. Payment options are as follows: Automatic ACH, Venmo, Apple Pay, ZELLE, Bill Pay, or just mail in a check. 

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